Web Portals


Are you searching for a single source to organize all your information from diversified or third party sources, then what you need is a portal.

Web portals are majorly classified into horizontal or vertical. A horizontal portal is mostly specific to same type of manufacturers or as a platform to several companies in the same economic sector. A vertical portal also known as a "vortal" is specific to a target market or industry or interest. These mostly provide news, editorial content, digital publications, and e-commerce capabilities and off late, they provide dynamic applications including social media sites, videos and blogs.


Types of Portals are,

Personal Web portals

A place where you customize what you wanted to see all in one screen. It may be your email, news, stocks and your social media connections like facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.

Government Web portals

A lot of information concerning achievements, announcements future plans, tenders, health alerts, and a lot more are being displayed in Gov. portals.

Cultural portals

These portals are usually based around specific national or regional groups, say Europeans settled in North America or Asians settled in Europe. Cultural portals are mostly built to encourage their music, movies, news, festivals, so on.

Corporate Web portals

These web portals are used by huge corporates to connect to their employees individually. The employee will be able to access all his information related like his pay stubs, insurance, tax savings, leaves and much more.

Property portals

In today's world, property portals have become so famous that all over the world, would be able to buy or sell properties sitting at home with this kind of apps.

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