Adaptive Website Design


Adaptive website design is a broad approach to web design that mainly focuses on suitability for a variety of interfaces or devices rather than restricting itself to the format intended for a standard desktop. Adaptive web design (AWD) in simple terms is creation of multiple versions of a web page to better fit the different sizes of screens and device.

Numerous new technologies have emerged bringing changes to the face of web designing, and AWD is a valuable concept making it commonly used all around the world every day.

Why Adaptive Website Design?

Increasing your Reach

People using any device would be able to see the same unified design.

Consolidated Analytics and Reporting

Doubt to move further? We offer single analytic and reporting suite for multiple (website and mobile) device screens.

Improved user experience

From the size and resolution of the images to layout, user experience is the key to all design decisions.

Fast loading time

When it comes to Information or features loading in devices, an Adaptive site takes less time compared to responsive pages.

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