Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web apps are a combination of the best of web and the apps. They are useful to users from the first time they visit in a browser tab as there is no installation required. More the the user tries to progressively build a relationship with the app more powerful the app becomes. It loads quickly even on frail networks and even sends relevant push notifications. It also has an icon on the home screen, loads as a top-level and gives you a full screen experience.

A Progressive Web App is,


Loads on any browser because it's built with progressive adaptability as core tenet.


Fits any screens. May it be a Phone, a Phab, a Tab or a wearable device.


Developed with service workers to work offline or on frail networks.


Looks and feels like a mobile app, because the app model separates the application functionality from the content of the application.


Stays abreast using the service worker tools and shell update process.


Respond swiftly to user interactions with quick loading animations and no janky scrolling.


Served via HTTPS to prevent snooping and to ensure the content is hasn't been dabbled.


Is identifiable as an "application" by the search engines and contents are discoverable.


Re-engagement can be a breeze with features like push notifications


Allows users to add the apps to the home screen without having to visit the App Store


Share the application is just sending a link, no download or install required

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