Native Mobile Apps

Native apps are mobile applications developed specifically for an operating system using native languages of the platforms such as Objective-C or Swift for Apple iOS and Java for Google Android and C# or Visual Basic for Microsoft Windows phones. All native apps are built within a mature ecosystem in accordance with its own technical guidelines and user interface. The significant advantage of native app is that the compilation happens into machine code which gives the excellent performance, easy access, higher reliability and user experience. A native app is most suited for a company promoting their brand or services who are keenly customer focused and market driven organizations as they can instantly gain a competitive advantage by building native apps for all the operating system.

Developing native applications also has significant advantages like having easy access to native applications GPS, address book, camera, messages and more.

Why Build a Native App

  • Most significant advantage of developing a native app is the UI as built in the systems environment the aspect ratio and the touch and feel makes it feel special

  • The second most advantage is the security of being native as they commonly say the user can be assured of complete safety and security of the app
  • Native apps get preferably better support and ratings by the app stores and marketplace.

  • Apps needing data or access to the core applications of the mobile device are easy if it is native

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