Adaptive Website Design

Adaptive website design is a broad approach to web design that mainly focuses on suitability for a variety of interfaces or devices rather than restricting itself to the format intended for a standard desktop. Adaptive web design (AWD) in simple terms is creation of multiple versions of a web page to better fit the different sizes of screens and device, whereas in other web design techniques they use a single version.

Researches conducted across the globe shows that smartphone search volumes have overtaken the desktop and tablet search in more than 10 major countries. Numerous new technologies have emerged bringing change to the face of web designing and AWD is a valuable concept making it being commonly used with an estimated 7,000 websites created all around the world every day.

Advantages of Adaptive Website Design

Increasing your Reach

People using any device would be able to see the same unified design

Consolidate your Analytics and Reporting

Using analytics having different sites for web and mobile devices can be a task and you often don’t look at more than one. Having responsive websites help you streamline everything to one stop

Enhance User's offline Browsing Experience

Email newsletters and content contained in hybrid HTML5 web applications will become increasingly important given the offline browsing capabilities of HTML5.

Save time and Cost on Mobile Development & Site Maintenance

You don’t need to build separate website or maintain multiple sites. One responsive site serves all.

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